You can still make it a green Christmas by recycling real Christmas trees, wrapping, electronics and more. 

Christmas Trees
The City’s annual Christmas Tree Recycling program has begun. Eight seasonal tree drop-off locations opened on December 26. Residents can leave their real trees at these locations until January 27.

Additionally, in January, crews will pick up real Christmas trees from homes that receive residential black cart garbage collection. To participate, place your tree on the ground near your black cart collection spot by 7 a.m. on Tuesday, January 8. Make sure the tree is not blocking the street, lane or sidewalk and is at least a foot away from your carts. Leave the tree out and it will be picked up within three weeks. 

To prepare your tree for recycling, remove the tree stand and any ornaments and lights. Don’t bag or tie your tree. 

Trees collected through this program are mulched and made available to citizens for gardening and landscaping. 

A lot of common wrapping items can be recycled in your blue cart or at a community recycling depot. Paper wrapping, for instance, can be crumpled together in a ball and placed directly into the cart. Paper gift bags, cards and bubble wrap are also recyclable. 

If you received a new television, computer or printer for Christmas, consider recycling your old ones rather than throwing them away. There are 30 electronics recycling depots throughout the city that accept material at no charge. View a full list at 
For more information or to find a seasonal drop-off location near you, visit or contact 311.
B-roll of Christmas tree mulching available on request.