Two dogs have been impounded by Animal & Bylaw Services following an attack that has left a 35 year old female with serious, non life-threatening injuries.
“Given the nature of the injuries, I expect the dogs will be destroyed says Bill Bruce, Director of Animal & Bylaw Services with The City of Calgary. “Charges are pending and we will proceed with a dangerous dog hearing.”
The dogs will be assessed over the next few days and remain impounded until the completion of the dangerous dog hearing. The fine for a serious dog bite is $1,500.
The attack occurred on the evening of April 8, 2012. Calgary Police Service called on Animal & Bylaw Services to assist with the investigation after responding to the Peter Lougheed Centre and speaking with a patient suffering from facial injuries believed to be from a dog bite.
Patrols of the Abbeydale area where the attack was originally believed to have occurred did not locate the dog and the investigation continued.
On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, it was clarified that the incident involved two dogs at a private residence in Applewood.
Calgary Police Service and Animal & Bylaw Services have confirmed two pit bull type dogs were responsible for the attack. It occurred in the front entrance of the dog owner’s home where the victim was speaking to the occupant of the home.
“This tragedy is consistent with a disturbing trend,” says Bruce. “Of the 127 dog bites we responded to last year, 75 happened with the owner being present. Dog ownership is a serious responsibility and the dog owner is responsible for all of their dog’s behaviours both on and off their property.”
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