Late Monday after voting stations were closed and ballot boxes were being transported, the Foothills Hospital Presiding Deputy Returning Officer (PDRO) noticed that a ballot box went missing during transportation from Foothills Hospital to Father Lacombe High School, the central ballot count location.
The Elections Office has determined that the ballot box contained 43 ballots: 16 Mayor, 15 Councillor, eight Public School Trustee and four Separate School Trustee ballots spread across the city.  The largest number of ballots for any ward was three each for Wards 3 and 5 Councillor and three for Wards 6+7 Public School Trustee.
Returning Officer Barb Clifford stated “These 43 ballots should not affect the outcome of any of the results; however, the Elections Office is working hard to recover the missing ballot box and add the votes to the official results.”
The Elections Office will continue to investigate this occurrence and how it can be prevented for future elections.  If anyone has any information or has located the missing ballot box, please contact the Returning Officer at 403-476-4106.